About the Book

Dr. Samuel Samson is a Lutheran minister in New York City as well as a Pakistani immigrant to the US.  Being from the Middle East, Dr. Samson has extensive knowledge on the Islamic texts, including the Quran and numerous translation of the Hadith. He is recognized as one of the premier apologists for Judeo-Christianity against the Islamic faith.  He is now actively involved in contesting the building of the mosque at the 911 site in New York City.

Dr. Andrew Ho has earned doctorate degrees in medicine and philosophy, as well as bachelor degrees in music and science. He presently works as a board certified internal medicine physician in Denver, Colorado. He is best known for his profound knowledge of biblical prophetic scriptures and their application to these endtimes.  He has written six books related to the prophecy: The Seven Trumpets of the Prophecy Series.  His website is www.andrewtheprophet.com